Temecula Boy Receives $20 Million Settlement in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

A Temecula boy who fell from a play structure at a local Burger King restaurant was awarded a $20 million settlement. Jacob Buckett, now 12, suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell at a location in the play structure where there was no cushioned flooring. According to reports, the boy suffered damage to his parietal lobe, his left front lobe, and to his lungs when he fell.

Jacob was hospitalized for more than a month, which was followed by six weeks at a rehabilitation facility. Due to the size of the personal injury settlement, it is very likely that Jacob suffered permanent brain damage that will require attention for the long term.

Several defendants were named in the lawsuit arising from the accident, including the franchisee, the parent company, and the company that installed the playground equipment. It is unclear whether one defendant or all contributed to the settlement.

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