Third Lawsuit Against Carlsbad Military Academy for Hazing

Carlsbad’s Army and Navy Academy is defending another lawsuit filed against it for the alleged hazing of a cadet. The alleged incidents of hazing occurred nearly 10 years ago.

The lawsuit filed in Vista Superior Court is one of three filed against the school in the last two years. It contends that the cadet suffered several instances of ritual group beatings and sadomasochistic hazing, and accuses the academy, a boarding school, of failing to protect its young cadets. The delay in the filing of the suit, the complaint alleges, was that the plaintiff suffered years of mental, emotional, and psychological problems that stem from his stay at the academy.

The president of the academy, retired Army Gen. Stephen Bliss, told the Union Tribune that his school has strict standards of conduct, and abuse of cadets is not tolerated and is quickly addressed.

In March of 2008 another lawsuit was filed against the school alleging similar instances of violence. In that case, the cadet alleges he was sodomized with a broomstick. The case is set for trial in September.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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