Toyota Revelations May Free Jailed Man

In 1996, Koua Fong Lee killed three people when, on his way home from church with his wife and daughter in the car, his Toyota Camry plowed into the rear of an Oldsmobile. At the time, Lee told police and prosecutors, and later a jury, he tried to stop his care but he couldn’t. The jury didn’t believe him and convicted him of manslaughter. He was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Now his case is being viewed differently. Relatives of the victims now believe Lee is innocent, and are planning to sue Toyota for the deaths. The prosecutor in the case believes the revelations about Toyota’s accelerator problems support a second look at Lee’s conviction. Lee has been steadfast in his innocence:

“I know 100 percent in my heart that I took my foot off the gas and that I was stepping on the brakes as hard as possible,” Lee said from state prison. “When the brakes were looked at and we were told that nothing was wrong with the brakes, I was shocked.”

A Toyota spokesman declined to comment on Lee’s case.

Source: HuffingtonPost

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