Toyota Sued for “Endangering Public”

The Orange County District Attorney’s office has filed a civil lawsuit against Toyota Motor Company for “knowingly selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles” with defects to the acceleration system. Toyota’s U.S. sales headquarters is in Torrance, but it has not yet received the complaint.

As a result of its well known accelerator problems, which infamously may have killed an entire San Diego family in August 2009, Toyota has recalled more than 6 million cars. U.S. regulators are now reporting at least 52 deaths associated with the problem, and currently there are 89 class actions lawsuits against Toyota, and many other individual personal injury and product liability claims.

Toyota is stating it is “mystified” by the most recent allegation of an accelerator mishap involving a Toyota Prius, previously not believe to have accelerator problems. James Sikes called 911 while traveling on I-8, claiming he could not slow down his Prius. After a long, harrowing drive, and with the help of CHP he was able to stop the car, which he said was accelerating on its own.

Since that high-profile incident, Sikes himself has become the focus of the story, and questions have been raised about the veracity of his claims. Not surprisingly, Sikes hired an attorney shortly after the incident, but has stated publically that he does not plan to sue. (related story)

Source: San Diego 6 News

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