Two Injured When Ride Malfunctions at San Diego County Fair

State investigators are trying to determine what caused a ride at the County Fair to malfunction and injure two people. According to witnesses, the Techno Power ride had ended and the passengers were getting off the ride when it unexpectedly began to move. A young girl was thrown to the ground as was the operator of the ride. While the injuries suffered by both haven’t been disclosed, the girl was airlifted to Rady’s Children’s Hospital, and the ride operator was transported to nearby hospital with what is reported to be a head injury.


The Techno Power ride is a spinning ride that has multiple arms with six seats in pods at the end of each arm. The ride was immediately closed down after the accident, and will remain closed until state inspectors complete their investigation.

Fair operators are puzzled as to how the ride could have malfunctioned. “We go above what the state requires us to do as far as the rides are concerned. They are inspected and tested each and every day before the gates open,” said fair representative Linda Zweig.

Amusement parks such as that created by the San Diego County Fair can be liable for ride injuries under various theories of liability. The ride may be designed defectively or erected incorrectly, there could be mechanical defects, or it could be the result of operator error. Under each theory of liability, however, the operators of the park can be liable for all personal injuries caused by the accident.


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