Utility Worker Killed in Murrieta Natural Gas Explosion

An explosion at a home on Wooden Horse Trail in Murrieta has killed a utility worker and injured at least a dozen others. The explosion leveled the home completely.

News reports state that a contractor working on the house damaged a natural gas line, requiring the presence of Southern California Gas Co. workers. Apparently, the contractor was working on solar panels on the home. The explosion killed one of the workers the other was transported to the hospital.

All others injured were transported to the hospital for evaluation.murietta-possible-explosion-300x168

Potential Liability: If it’s true that the contractor damaged the gas line, leading to his tragic event, then the contractor would bear responsibility. If the utility workers contributed to the danger, then it is possible that both the contractor and the utility workers would be responsibility. There is no doubt that California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be investigating this case thoroughly.

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Update (7/16/19): It is being reported that the Southern California Gas Company employee who died in yesterday’s explosion in Murrieta was 31-year-ol Wade Kilpatrick. Mr. Kilpatrick was a longtime SCGC employee and leaves behind a very large family.

An ongoing investigation into the incident has revealed that the explosion was connected to a gas leak that Mr. Kilpatrick was attempting to repair on the property that had been damaged by a private solar contractor.  According to SCGC, the contractor did not call 811 to determine if there were any utility lines nearby. This report suggests that the solar company might have some, if not all, the liability in any claims or lawsuits that might arise from the incident.

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