Vista Road Rage Accidents and Aggressive Driving

david-cohen-249124-copy-300x160Could a multi-vehicle accident caused by road rage and aggressive driving happen in Vista, California? According to a recent report from ABC News, a motorcyclist’s road rage and aggressive driving caused a serious crash around Santa Clarita. The collision involved a sedan and a pickup truck, and that pickup truck overturned as a result of the crash. The motorcyclist—who was caught on film by other drivers, fled the scene of the car accident. The incident should alerts drivers throughout Southern California to the serious risks associated with road rage and other forms of aggressive driving.

Details of the Road Rage Accident

According to report, the accident happened at approximately 5:45 a.m. on a recent weekday morning. While witnesses could not say precisely what started the altercation, those heading southbound on State Road 14 managed to film a motorcyclist who “appears to try to kick the sedan” the approaches on his right. As a result of the motorcyclist’s behavior, the “sedan veers to the left and briefly collides with the motorcyclist before losing control and crashing into the highway divider wall.”

Yet these were not the only vehicles involved in the crash. “The momentum from the crash sent the sedan toward the middle lane of the highway, where it collided with a white Cadillac pickup truck, causing the truck to overturn.” Reports indicate that the truck driver sustained moderate injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated. Following the collision, the motorcyclist continued driving southbound without stopping. The crash remains under investigation with the California Highway Patrol.

Majority of Drivers Get Angry on the Road, AAA Study Says

Could an accident like the one discussed above happen in Vista or in other parts of Southern California? According to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, road rage is much more common than you might think. Indeed, as the authors of that study note, “nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the past year,” and about eight million drivers admit to engaging in “extreme examples of road rage.” What is extreme road rage? The study cites behaviors such as “purposefully ramming another vehicle or getting out of the car to confront another driver.”

The following figures help to show the severity of road rage and risks of a serious crash:

  • 51% of drivers admit to purposefully tailgating;
  • 47% have yelled at another driver;
  • 45% of drivers honk to show annoyance or anger;
  • 33% percent of drivers admit to making angry gestures;
  • 24% have tried to block another vehicle from changing lanes;
  • 12% of drivers admit to cutting off another vehicle on purpose;
  • 4%, or 7.6 million drivers, admit to getting out of their own vehicle to confront another driver; and
  • 3% of drivers, or 5.7 million people, admit to bumping or ramming another vehicle on purpose.

Almost two out of three Americans surveyed believe that aggressive driving has become a more serious problem, and about 90% of people surveyed think that aggressive driving poses a serious safety risk. Yet, as you can see, many drivers continue to engage in these risky behaviors.

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