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Car accidents in Vista, California can range from mild fender benders to more serious crashes. Because the 78 runs through Vista, auto accidents in the Vista area can be very serious, and, as you know, sometimes fatal. This highway is one of the most notoriously dangerous highways throughout the state of California, contributing to a high percentage of the fatal accidents in the San Diego area.

After a car accident, many people will decide to have the case handled solely by the insurance companies of those involved in the accident. An alternative option, assuming that the accident caused significant damage or those involved believe the insurance companies aren’t providing enough support, is to seek out the assistance of a Vista auto accident attorney. Attorneys will work to negotiate with insurance companies and help those involved in an accident receive the highest settlement possible.

Will my Vista car accident case require a lawsuit?

Whether a car accident attorney is able to settle a case without a lawsuit and litigation varies on a case-by-case basis, yet lawyers can help those involved navigate this often-confusing road. The stages of pursuing a settlement after an accident can vary depending on a series of factors, from how the accident occurred to the severity of the injuries. Understanding these factors is key to understanding the value of a case, and the chances of settlement.

The first factor that is relevant when pursuing a settlement in a Vista car accident case is what the cause of the accident was. Causes can range from rear-ending to more serious cases like drunk driving accidents. Other common causes for accidents are distracted driving, speeding, head on collisions, rollover accidents, manufacture defects, or accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists. Auto accident attorneys in Vista will use this information to determine how much a case can settle for, along with a series of other factors.

Another serious factor that is taken into consideration is figuring out who is actually liable or “at fault” for the accident. It is key that those involved in an accident call 911 after the incident (even if they don’t think they’re hurt), because having a police report that states clearly who is at fault can be strong evidence used later to prove that one party is at fault. It is also helpful if photos are taken of the scene to ensure that all evidence that is available is documented. The last key step is to contact a car accident attorney who can help organize and sift through the evidence to determine who was at fault for the accident and ensure that the party who was not at fault can receive a fair settlement.

Though there are many other factors that contribute to a settlement, the last key one to mention is the extent of the damages. Determining the economic and non-economic damages are the biggest contributor to determining a settlement. A Vista auto accident attorney can collect all the information needed to determine the damages, such as medical bills, property damage to the vehicle, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and so on.

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