Who Could be Liable for a Car Accident in San Clemente?

Car accidents happen much too often in and around San Clemente, and these accidents can have many different causes. Often, motor vehicle collisions result from another driver’s negligence, and it may be possible to file a lawsuit against that negligent driver. At the same time, car accidents can have other causes, so it is important to work with a Southern California car accident attorney to determine liability. In some cases, you may be able to file a claim against multiple parties. Consider some of the following ways in which different parties can be responsible for injuries in traffic collisions.

Driver Whose Negligence Caused the Accident

Whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of a car or truck, that driver owes a duty of care to other motorists on the road. That driver must behave reasonably behind the wheel, and that driver can be liable for any accidents and injuries resulting from careless acts or omissions. Some of the most common sources of driver negligence include distracted driving, drunk or intoxicated driving, aggressive driving behaviors, failing to obey traffic rules, and fatigued driving.

Employer of the Negligent Driver

When a driver is on the job and causes an accident in any of the ways discussed above, that driver’s employer could also be liable for injuries. Employers are responsible for harm caused by their employees’ negligence according to the legal theory of “respondeat superior” in certain circumstances. 

Maker of the Vehicle

Motor vehicle accidents can happen because of defects in an automobile. In these cases, the maker of the car or truck (or the maker of the defective part) may be liable. Product liability lawsuits can include claims against the designer, manufacturer, or the retailer of the vehicle, depending on the circumstances.

Mechanic Who Negligently Repaired the Vehicle

Sometimes mechanics are negligent in performing maintenance or a repair on a vehicle. When this negligence results in an accident, the individual mechanic or the mechanic business could be responsible for damages.

Government That Failed to Maintain Roads or Clear Debris

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents happen because of hazards on the road. For example, a road or freeway might have a dangerous and large pothole that has gone unrepaired for quite some time and caused your accident, or an earthquake might have resulted in significant road debris that was never cleared and caused a multi-car pileup. 

Government entities in California have a duty to maintain highways and other roads under California law, and to ensure that they are reasonably safe. When roads are negligently maintained, it may be possible to file a claim against the government for compensation. These types of claims have a significantly shorter timeline than other car accident lawsuits, so it is important to get started on your case with a lawyer’s help as soon as possible.

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Determining liability in a motor vehicle collision can be complicated, and in some circumstances more than one party may bear responsibility for your injuries. One of our experienced San Clemente car accident lawyers can evaluate your case for you today and help you to determine your options for seeking financial compensation after a collision. Contact the Walton Law Firm today to learn more about motor vehicle crash claims and to begin working with a lawyer on your case.


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