Who is Responsible for a School Bus Accident in Oceanside?

When your child rides a bus to school, or when your child walks or cycles to school and is around buses, it is essential that those school buses take necessary precautions to avoid a serious or fatal school bus accident. Although severe school bus accidents are relatively rare, they can happen. If your child sustains serious injuries in a school bus accident, it will be important to speak with an Oceanside bus accident lawyer to determine who may be liable for your child’s injuries, and accordingly, who you might be able to sue in a school bus accident lawsuit. 

Since every case has its own set of facts, there is no constant answer when it comes to school bus accident liability, but the following parties could be at fault for your child’s injuries depending upon the specific facts surrounding the collision.

School Bus Driver

Driver error is a major cause of traffic collisions, including school bus accidents. There are many ways in which a school bus driver’s error can cause a wreck, including, for example, distracted driving, aggressive driving, drowsy driving, or drunk driving. If a school bus driver is negligent and causes a crash, that school bus driver may be responsible for injuries.

School District That Employs the Bus Driver

When a bus driver’s negligence causes a school bus accident, not only can that driver be liable, but the school or school district that employs the bus driver may also be responsible for any resulting injuries.

Motorist Who Did Not Stop for the Bus

Another driver on the road—other than the school bus driver—can behave in a negligent manner and cause a collision with a school bus or a collision with a child who is getting onto or off a school bus.

Cyclist or Pedestrian Crossing in Front of the Bus

Sometimes a cyclist or a pedestrian can cross in front of a bus unexpectedly and at an area where crossing is inappropriate. If this happens, the school bus driver may attempt to come to a very quick stop to avoid a collision with the cyclist or pedestrian, and children on the school bus could suffer injuries as a result of the unexpected and fast braking.

Designer or Manufacturer of the Bus

Sometimes serious bus accidents happen because of a design or manufacturing defect in the bus or one of its parts. For example, if X. Under California law, designers, manufacturers, and marketers of defective products can be strictly liable for injuries, making it easier for injury victims to obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Seek Advice From an Oceanside Bus Accident Lawyer

School bus crashes can be truly devastating, especially when the collision results from another party’s negligence. We know how important it is to hold an at-fault driver accountable for the serious injuries they have caused. If your child was injured in a bus collision, one of our experienced Oceanside bus accident attorneys can speak with you today about your options for filing a claim for financial compensation. Contact the Walton Law Firm to learn more about how we can help you.


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