Major San Diego Truck Accident Leaves Several Victims in its Wake

An auto accident is never an expected. But the statistics are clear that these incidents are the most common preventable accident that strikes in our community on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not only are roadway collisions frequent, they are incredibly harmful. Car and truck accidents cause serious harm, even beyond those directly involved in the accident.

These negative effects are seen day in and day out by our San Diego personal injury lawyers. Take, for example, a major auto collision occurred that near the San Diego International Airport. According to NBC San Diego News, a truck jumped the center median and hit a sedan head on. San Diego Fire Rescue, Harbor Police, and San Diego police all responded to the scene of the accident. Fire Rescue had to remove a woman from the sedan that had been hit and crushed. Five ambulances also responded to the scene to treat the multiple victims. Six people were transported to the hospital, including three children.

Beyond the many victims of the collision, the accident also caused the police to temporarily shut down the westbound lane of Harbor Drive at the Coast Guard station, causing a major traffic jam in the area lasting several hours and requiring police traffic control. As the accident was near the San Diego Airport the major traffic delays caused many people to miss their flights, and even reached such high back up levels that people left their vehicles to attempt to reach the airport on foot instead. The accident is currently under investigation, and Police are attempting to determine what caused the van to swerve in the first place. The investigation will also seek to determine if drugs, alcohol, or speed played any role.

What to do if you are Injured in an Accident
Unfortunately, accidents like this one occur every day in Southern California, and they often result in negative consequences for the victims. These negative consequences can span from a mere inconvenience to death, and everywhere in between. When a victim survives an accident, but is left severely injured there can be even more distress following the accident. Severe injuries can lead to major financial impacts on the victim and their family, stemming from medical bills, lost wages, and long term care.

Anyone who faces these difficult after-effects of an auto accident should seek the help of a personal injury attorney to determine if they can seek recovery for their damages. An attorney can also make sure that a proper investigation is completed on your accident to preserve all necessary evidence for your case. A legal professional will make sure your case is brought within the proper time limits, so that you do not lose the opportunity to receive restitution for your injuries.

Insurance companies are almost always involved in these incidents. However, do not forget that those companeis are looking out for their own financial interests–not yours. That is why the aid of an attorney is crucial, because the attorney is bound as a zealous advocate for your interests alone.

Getting Help in Southern California
The San Diego truck accident lawyers at the Walton Law Firm can help you if you have been involved injured in an auto accident of any type. No matter how severe your injuries, our attorneys can help protect your rights and advocate for your best interest. Contact the Walton Law Firm toll free at (866) 607-1325 or locally at (760) 571-5500 for a free and confidential consultation about your case. You can also request a confidential consultation through our website.

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